New Release – PR 90

pr90best New Release   PR 905 Star Labs LLC is proud to announce the latest production from our USA manufacturing facilities out of Dallas, Texas.

Although a large percentage of our products are produced for clients around the world, we sometimes have to meet a demand for a product category that may not be fully reached.  The $20 Billion Dollar chronic pain market is growing as “baby boomers” search for a safe, natural alternative to relieve what ails them.  Statistics alone in the USA show there are over 50 million Americans suffering daily from chronic pain and their visits to the doctor represents 250 million appointments a year.

When 5 Star Labs formulated our newest, most innovative and unique product to date called PR 90, we decided to offer it direct to the end consumer.

You can find PR 90 only from our exclusive affiliate website at   Our affiliate system was put in place to offer a select few “house brands” to be sold by people from around the world that are looking to make an additional commissionable income from the comfort of their own home.   Affiliate programs are not MLM, and are not Home Party sales meetings, but rather a unique system to distribute a product via the internet without the hassles of conventional sales.

By simply joining the website and clicking the “Become an Affiliate” button at the bottom of the page, 5 Star Labs will allow you to join for free and receive a free state of the art, high end website with a complete back office to track your commissions at no charge to you.  You will also find custom made tools like banners, and page turns personally made for you  also included.   By partnering with 5 Star Labs you are setting yourself up with a business for yourself, but never by yourself.

If you wish to simply purchase Pr90 to use for yourself or a loved one, we know you will quickly become a believer in the power of products produced by 5 Star Labs.

For even more information on PR90 you can Click Here to become an affiliate and sell this Hot New pain relief product.


  1. Arden Firth says:

    I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for posting .

  2. Mark says:

    Really chronic pain has become a problem to millions of people these days. Great to know that your company has launched a unique product to reduce pain which could be sold directly to customers over the net. Thanks for sharing this. Hope this information would be very useful to many like me.

  3. Richard says:

    Really it’s a nice option to become an affiliate after joining the It is a wonderful way to earn money from home just by recommending the product to friends and acquaintances. It is quite interesting to know that by joining the affiliate program with 5 Star Labs at free of cost one could set up his own business at home. I really enjoyed reading this article and planning to join the affiliate program soon.

  4. Anna says:

    For the last few months I am suffering from back pain. While searching for some pain relieving products over internet I came across your site and read about this pain reliever. Hope to get it soon. Offering directly to customers over the net would really make my job easier. Let me use it first and after getting desired results I will definitely recommend it to others.

  5. Maria says:

    Nice to read such an informative article. Must say that you have launched a very useful product as these days almost all of us are suffering from pain. I am sure if it gives effective results, PR90 would be in high demand in near future. Its availability over the net would increase its popularity much more than other pain relieving products available only over the counter.

  6. Patric says:

    Thanks a lot for such a useful article. It’s good to know that the affiliate programs are not MLM or Home Party sales meetings rather a great way to distribute the product over internet. Again a back office is there to track my commissions at no charge, sounds quite interesting. I would definitely share this with my friends and colleagues and would join the affiliate program soon.

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