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Eric Caprarese – President & CEO 5 Star Labs LLC

President and CEO, Eric Caprarese has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 23 years.  Eric’s scope of knowledge ranges from concept to completion when it comes to cutting edge, one of a kind nutritional supplements and branding.  Having product lines of his own under the names East Coast Sun Systems, Inc. for his ‘indoor tanning lotions’ to Salon Nutritionals, Inc. for his ‘Salon Exclusive’ Supplement lines,  Eric went on to create Thin-R-Gize ephedra based ‘salon only’ diet suplements and SHAPELETS weight loss gum which were both considered products conceived years ahead of their time.   Later New Body International, Inc. was formed by Eric to represent the #1 selling ‘Salon Exclusive’ weight loss product ever, TRIM FAST, which was shortly sold throughout Sally Beauty Supply stores around the country.

Eric is also known for his philanthropic efforts by forming the Caprarese Foundation to help starving children from around the world, starting first here in the USA.  With every $1 feeding 4 hungry children, Eric knew he needed to be apart of another winning crusade.  At this time, the Caprarese Foundation is taking donations at www.capraresefoundation.org for Feeding Children Everywhere.  Feeding Children Everywhere is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization so your gifts are tax deductible.

Eric has the ability to put the right teams and talent together to help support you from start to finish on any project.  At this time 5 Star Labs LLC has sales managers in your region to work with you direct and give you the best possible one on one customer service and support.


5 Star Labs is a premier contract manufacturer providing manufacturing and private labelling of natural vitamins, dietary and nutritional supplements, skin and hair care products, nutraceuticals and other health products.

At 5 Star Labs, we take pride in our partners manufactured and specialized products that sit on the shelves of Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Costco, The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, 7-11, and to over 100 network marketing companies around the world.  Our partners have produced more than 1,000 individual formulas and over 20,000,000 bottles of product.

We presently ship to over 50 countries while the factory we represent has produced over $1 billion in sales.  All of our products are formulated, blended and manufactured in the USA.

5 Star Labs, with our partnering manufacturing team, continuously strives to maintain our reputation for the delivery of exceptional products, services, and solutions where quality and dependability are of the upmost importance.  Our manufacturers dynamic and experienced team of scientists, formulators, and product managers have the expertise of over 100 years of combined knowledge within the nutrition industry to take your product from its inception to the completion of delivery.

You can depend on 5 Star Labs to supply and deliver the highest quality product to your exact specifications, and we stand behind each product with a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When looking for a respected, reputable and trusted partner in developing, formulating, and manufacturing your products, please contact us to speak with one of our business development experts in bringing your concepts to life! 5 Star labs is committed to providing a true partnership in the development and growth of your business.