PR90 Reaches South and Central America

PR90 Pain Relief in 90 Seconds

We are pleased to see one of our most sought after products now going global. PR90 has recently reached South and Central America and the news of the fast, superior results is spreading around the world.   To order direct, you can visit:

5 Star PRO

5 Star PRO

5 Star Labs LLC is proud to introduce 5 Star PRO to our line up of sister companies. 5 Star PRO is our Professional weight lifting and fitness division.  The goal of 5 Star PRO is to focus exclusively on the ever expanding market of fitness. A new line of supplements will be dedicated to [...]

NEW Detox 15 Helps Flush the Fat Away


Most good Doctors will tell you that the beginning of a healthy diet should start with a safe, all natural Detox supplement. NEW Detox 15 is that Supplement. Easy on your body but very effective, Detox 15 helps flush out the “bad” within 15 day. People around the world that recognize the importance of a [...]

N2U Pheromone Spray for Men & Women


n2u Stealth contains Pheroxan, our proprietary formulation of ingredients blended with Androstenol and Androstenone, making it the most powerful human pheromone scent on the market today. n2u Stealth has been featured in several national magazines and catalogs over the past 5 years and has been shown on television in several shows dealing with sexuality in the [...]

5 Star Labs is proud to announce the recent merger with FightFuel


FightFuel Extreme energy gives you the mad aggressive desire and ability to lift more weight, pump out more reps and have crazy lasting energy, along with sick muscle-engorging pumps. FightFuel extreme energy is easily the most intense pre-workout product you will ever want to use again. The amount of energy and focus is perfect, pumps [...]



With hundreds of thousands of bottles of a competing companies Diet Fiber Pill being sold monthly, 5 Star Labs’ latest client decided they could capitalize on the market with their vast experience and stronghold within the Affiliate Marketing arena.  Tummy Trim is unique yet follows the formulations that have proven to work to trick the [...]

Sexual Enhancement REXIPRO now available


When it comes to male enhancement supplementation, so many products promise to work…so few do.  With REXIPRO, men will finally get what they are paying for. Chosen as a product that is selling extremely well worldwide, 5 Star Labs has decided to represent REXIPRO after testing it’s “instant gratification” sexual stimulant characteristics while offering an [...]

New 5 Star DIRECT


Just Released:  5 Star Labs LLC now has included a new subsidiary which will handle all “Stock” or “House” brand products.  5 Star DIRECT will now be solely responsible for the sales and marketing as of January 11, 2012.  More news of the release and of product for sale under 5 Star DIRECT will be [...]

Halal Certified Spray Vitamin for Singapore Market

Oral Sray Multi-Vitamin

5 Star Labs LLC is proud to introduce a recent product specifically focused on the South East Asian market.   Our client is a well respected importer of high end supplements that trusted 5 Star Labs to produce the best Multi-Vitamin Supplement in convenient and fast absorbing oral spray form.  His goal was to offer something [...]

New Release – PR 90


5 Star Labs LLC is proud to announce the latest production from our USA manufacturing facilities out of Dallas, Texas. Although a large percentage of our products are produced for clients around the world, we sometimes have to meet a demand for a product category that may not be fully reached.  The $20 Billion Dollar [...]