Private Label

private label products Private Label

Private Labeling with 5 Star Labs is both cost effective and quicker than a specialized formulation produced in our labs.

When you have a product that you want duplicated, we can do so within our facilities and turn that product around for you faster and at a price that enables you to wholesale to your distributor base.

Many times clients ask us for a product similar to a top selling product in the industry and ask us for a similar product which we will gladly produce. From the latest weight loss supplement to skin or hair care products, we have the capability to give you the same high quality product at a reduced price.

5 Star Labs is also known for offering Kosher and Halal Certified products within our factory to allow you to sell to the world. We are capable of small to large quantity runs within our facilities which sets 5 Star Labs apart from our competition.

Our Private label services are unique in the sense that we will also manufacture, package and ship direct from our facilities to your clients allowing you to keep your overhead down.