services Services5 Star Labs has partnered with a premier manufacture that is proud to make all of our product here in the U.S.A. Our partner is a licensed, FDA approved, and certified Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) company that provides a full range of contract manufacturing services from private labelling, product production, packaging and design, science based formulations, marketing, warehousing, order fulfillment and drop shipping services.

At 5 Star Labs, we can supply a complete line of nutritional supplements including natural vitamins and minerals, herbal, weight loss supplements, as well as skin and hair care products. It is our goal to be dedicated in helping you, along with our partner manufacturing team, in developing progressive, cutting edge products at a price that beats the rest.

Private Label vitamins, nutraceuticals, and other related health and beauty supplements is a turnkey solution that 5 Star Labs manufacturer provides all of its clients. From the inception of the private labeling, packaging and design, all the way to the completion of delivery. 5 Star Labs is dedicated to work with our partner in producing the product you desire.

5 Star Labs has a firm understanding and direction of our clients needs that is passed on by providing turnkey private label solutions, packaging and design. 5 Star Labs, along with our partner, provides quality within all of our services and solutions in a cost effective and timely manner.

Once you have finalized your private label, packaging, design and formula for your products with 5 Star Labs you can take advantage of our partners state of the art warehousing facility. Using their warehouse will become very important once marketing initiatives are launched, and you are in need of fulfilling orders to consumers in a timely and efficient manner to ensure repeat business.

You will also want to consider resources to process sales, orders, and inventory management to ensure operations are in line with customer demand. Our partnering manufacturer fulfills orders to meet all specifications and quantity needs and drop ships orders direct to consumers and to your major distributors. You can be assured that we will stay on top of your order management, fulfillment, and warehousing operations.

Our Product Ranges

When seeking a partner where innovation, quality, experience, and science intelligence are of the utmost importance, please contact 5 Star Labs to leam more about all of our services and solutions available in helping you develop or recreate your products.